An excellent nutrition partnership

We created a synergistic partnership with Dr. Maria Papavasileiou, who will receive members who wish to join the service at her office in Via Appiani 9, in Milan (MM3 Turati), the hearth of Milan business center.

Thanks to Infiniteness, each member will be able to take advantage of the direct line between our Personal Trainers and Dr. Papavasileiou, who will work in perfect synergy with one goal: your health.

Dr. Papavasileiou graduated from ATEI University in Dietology and Human Nutrition, then completed a cycle of studies in molecular biology at Staffordshire University (UK), an immunology course at Osaka University (Japan) and a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences at the San Raffaele University. Dr. Papavasileiou is driven by the constant desire to train and help patients through nutrition.

Dr. Maria Papavasileiou
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