At Infiniteness we work to put you at the centre of our project, taking you beyond all physical and mental limits to discover a new version of you.

We do this with commitment, joy and balance because it is what we love to do, working in an integrated way on a physical, mental and nutritional level: this is why we have decided to involve the best professionals in each sector.

All our trainers are carefully selected and must undertake our Academy, a three-year programme where they learn the Infiniteness method, based on three fundamental points:

  • neurophysiology of the human movement,
  • postural and balancing systems,
  • articular biomechanics.

Only in this way will they be able to train and teach our clients how to stay fit and healthy.

Each Infiniteness programme is completely personalised and based on an accurate analysis of the client with a unique approach that promotes the care of the person and not just the enhancement of a part of the person.

Whatever your goal is, we will achieve it together.


Infiniteness, like any wonderful story, was born from a deep bond between two people: Edoardo and Stefano, two long-time friends who decided to join forces to create something unique, just like the clients of our wellness club.

It all started when Stefano was fascinated by the fullness of life of Edoardo, who had been a personal trainer for years, which awakened in him his deepest nature: Wanting to do good things for people by enjoying every moment of his life. After throwing away “jacket and tie” and following a long course of studies in osteopathy and massophysiotherapy, he began an intense professional collaboration with Edoardo, a dreamer and visionary but with clear ideas: to revolutionise the way of training, starting from an accurate observation of his own clients, investigating their desires and motivations, to the point of making other people’s challenges his own: After all, company leaders tend to want to be the best in other areas, such as a ski slope or climbing a mountain.

As the years went by, they met Emanuele, a determined entrepreneur who needs physical and mental preparation to face everyday challenges and who, after experiencing their training methodology first-hand, decided to involve them in a new entrepreneurial challenge called Infiniteness.

And this is how, within Ariosto Social Club, our wellness club was born where anyone can give shape to their dreams.


The Infiniteness method: Intelligent training that adapts sustainably to your lifestyle.

Everything is thought out and taken care of down to the smallest detail to guarantee the best possible experience, starting with the confidentiality of your experience: In fact, in exclusive subscriptions, you will be completely alone in the room, accompanied by your trainer.

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